Before Cancelling an Azure Subscription, Remove All Virtual Networks

I recently cancelled an Azure Subscription, and then went on to delete all of its resources (virtual machines, databases, etc.). This went fairly well with a couple of exceptions.

Problem #1: I wasn’t possible to delete my virtual network. I got an error message saying it wasn’t possible because the subscription wasn’t active. I had to submit a support request, and a helpful technician re-enabled my subscription.

Lesson: Delete all resources before you cancel a subscription.

Problem #2: I still cannot delete the associated Active Directory. I get an error message saying

The following issue(s) prevent deletion of this directory:
· Directory has one or more Azure subscriptions.

But that is not true – I changed the subscription to be associated with a different directory. I hope Microsoft Support has a solution for this issue as well…

UPDATE: I discovered there was another subscription, owned by another user, associated with the domain. After changing that, I could delete the domain.


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