Syncing Internet Explorer favorites using SkyDrive

I think I finally found a way to sync Internet Explorer favorites using SkyDrive. As you probably know, you can only sync one local folder (normally C:\Users\<user name>\SkyDrive). But using symbolic links, you can in fact “cheat” to make Internet Explorer use the SkyDrive folder.

First, I created a folder named Favorites in SkyDrive. Then, I started an elevated command prompt (“run as administrator”) and ran this command on each computer:

cd C:\Users\<user name>
ren Favorites Favorites.bak
mklink /d Favorites C:\Users\<user name>\SkyDrive\Favorites

That’s it!

Edit: There is a much simpler method. Select the Favorites folder in file Explorer, then select properties, then go to the location tab, then type C:\Users\<user name>\SkyDrive\Favorites as the new location and click the Move button.


One thought on “Syncing Internet Explorer favorites using SkyDrive”

  1. You can the same way (same command) link any folder on your drive to sync with skydrive.
    🙂 for ex. My documents, My music, My video.

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