Beginning EPiServer Unit Testing: ContentLanguage.PreferredCulture

Yes, we had 348 working unit tests in our EPiServer solution. Then a developer had to solve a bug where pages weren’t correctly sorted. (Å and Ä were sorted as A and Ö as O.) The following code

new FilterPropertySort(“PageName”).Filter(pages);

was changed to

FilterPropertySort comparer = new FilterPropertySort(“PageName”);
comparer.CompareInfo = ContentLanguage.PreferredCulture.CompareInfo;

But now, unit tests started failing. They threw “EPiServer.BaseLibrary.ClassFactoryException: ClassFactory not initialized”. It was not hard to understand why, but how to solve it. It turned out to be relatively simple after looking at Unit test an EPiServer 6 website using Visual Studio 2010 and MSTest. Luckily, I didn’t have to initialize the whole hosting environment. The following code was sufficient:

        public static void Initialize(TestContext context)
            EPiServer.BaseLibrary.ClassFactory.Instance = new EPiServer.Implementation.DefaultBaseLibraryFactory(String.Empty);
            EPiServer.BaseLibrary.ClassFactory.RegisterClass(typeof(EPiServer.BaseLibrary.IRuntimeCache), typeof(EPiServer.Implementation.DefaultRuntimeCache));

        public void Setup()
            EPiServer.Globalization.ContentLanguage.PreferredCulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("sv-SE");

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