Error Upgrading Database Project Using Visual Studio 2010

I recently upgraded a database project (.dbp file) to Visual Studio 2010. All I got was an error saying “database project not converted” and “Illegal characters in path”. I turned out that the project file was in ANSI encoding and referred to files which had national characters (å, ä and ö). In these cases, the entries in the project file had special formatting:

Script = “|file name|lots of hexadecimal digits”


Script = “|20060111 Update COUNTYCOUNCIL Götaland Shortname .sql|00320030003000360030003100310031002000550070006400610074006500200043004f0055004e005400590043004f0055004e00430049004c0020004700f600740061006c0061006e0064002000530068006f00720074006e0061006d00650020002e00730071006c”

What I did was to remove the vertical bars and the hexadecimal string, and saved the file with UTF-8 encoding. Then there was no problem upgrading it.


One thought on “Error Upgrading Database Project Using Visual Studio 2010”

  1. Great Post! It Works fine!
    Instead of remove those characters directly from inside the dbp file, i renamed them with VS 2008 replacing special characters (ç, ã, ó, …) to simple ones (c, a, o). There was no need to change the ANSI format to UTF-8.

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