Adding a Dashboard to a Custom Area (Pane)

Changing navigation is still a matter of hand editing customizations.xml in your favorite XML editor. I wanted to have a new area (pane) with my custom entities and a map (implemented as a dashboard). I accomplished this by inserting the following inside the <SiteMap> element:

      <Area Id="G7" ResourceId="Area_G7" ShowGroups="true" Icon="/_imgs/services_24x24.gif" Title="Custom Area">
         <Group Id="G7" Title="Custom Group">
           <SubArea Id="st_map" Icon="/_imgs/area/18_home.gif" Title="Map" Url="/workplace/home_dashboards.aspx?dashboardId=%7b67f12cbc-a386-e011-8da7-18a9056eb611%7d">
               <Title LCID="1033" Title="Map"/>
               <Title LCID="1053" Title="Karta"/>
           <SubArea Id="customEntityId1" Entity="Custom Entity 1" />
           <SubArea Id="customEntityId2" Entity="Custom Entity 2" />

The important thing is the URL, in this case /workplace/home_dashboards.aspx?dashboardId=%7b67f12cbc-a386-e011-8da7-18a9056eb611%7d. I got this URL by going to WorkPlace –> Dashboards and clicking on the right arrow and then right-clicking on my Map dashboard.



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