Getting Started with Host Application Integration with BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems 2.0 / Host Integration Server 2009

The documentation for BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems 2.0 / Host Integration Server 2009 is unfortunately not accurate (neither local help or the online version). I think they forgot to update it from the previous version. Here are some points that will help you getting started.

  • You must have Visual Studio with C++. Otherwise you will be able to run e.g. the BasicScenarios sample, but you cannot create your own project and add a library to it. (You will get the mysterious error messages “The system cannot find the file specified” and “Failed to save the library.”) (By the way, did know you that if you have installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1, you cannot install additional components, such as C++, without first uninstalling SP1? Try and you’ll get “A selected drive is no longer valid”.)
  • When creating your project, the Visual Studio template name is “Host Application”, not “Transaction Integrator Project”.
  • You cannot deploy from HIS designer in Visual Studio. You should go to TI Manager, expand Windows-Initiated Processing, right-click Objects and select New Object. Then point the wizard to your library (DLL).

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