BizTalk Configuration Failing

Some days ago, I tried to install and configure BizTalk Server 2004 at a customer but the configuration wizard reported the following error: "Creation of Adapter FILE Configuration Store entries failed. Access is denied." There was also a an event log entry under Security that read:

Event Type: Failure Audit
Event Source:     Security
Event Category:   Logon/Logoff
Event ID:   537
Date:       2005-12-05
Time:       08:35:45
Logon Failure:
      Reason:           An error occurred during logon
      User Name:  holsson
      Domain:           INTEGRATIONSTAG
      Logon Type: 3
      Logon Process:    Ðùê ‚^
      Authentication Package: NTLM
      Workstation Name: INTEGRATIONSTAG
      Status code:      0xC000006D
      Substatus code:   0x0
      Caller User Name: –
      Caller Domain:    –
      Caller Logon ID:  –
      Caller Process ID:      –
      Transited Services:     –
      Source Network Address:
      Source Port:      2463

First, I suspect some kind of account permission problem, perhaps relating to the fact that I was using local (rather than domain) accounts. But the real problem turned out to be the computer name! It was longer than 15 characters, which resulted in the NetBIOS name being truncated to 15 characters. When we renamed the server to a name less than 15 characters long, it worked straight away.